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CBD Pastes are a highly concentrated form of cannabidiol.  Not quite as pure as a straight isolate and still has an oil based form instead of a powder.  These pastes generally are presented in syringes to help in tracking dosage levels.  They can be taken under the tongue like an oil or tincture or added to food and drink recipes.

CBD Oil Extract Pastes – Endoca

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Endoca CBD Oil Extract Paste is a thicker higher concentration oil that still contains the plant waxes. This paste is available in either a heated extract or raw formulation that has never been heated during extraction. 2000mg or 3000mg sizes.

Edible Paste Decarboxylated – CBD Essence

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CBD Essence® CBD Oil Paste (partially) Decarboxylated comes from domestic and organically grown industrial hemp plants which have a high CBD content. Always grown in sustainable fashion on clean and fertile tracts of land, then the proper CO2 extraction methods applied. Resulting is the essential ESSENCE of the plant, a wholesome botanical extract of the […]