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Purity Petibles makes sure that each CBD product they manufacture is securely monitored and tested to be sure of consistent quality. They carefully distribute and only sell premium products to ensure customer satisfaction.  They have worked diligently to create fantastic products.  They are a team of pet owners who are dedicated to making sure our pets get the best care, nutrition and affection.  They feel responsible for providing the best possible care so that all of our pets can live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Hemp Pet Chew Treats-150mg- Purity-Petibles

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Veterinary Strength Formulation, 5mg per chew treat. 30ct package. Cheese flavored. Lab tested

Maximum Pain Relief-Pet-Hemp Oil Spray – Purity-Petibles

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Peppermint Flavor. Up to 90% effective oral absorption. Allows your pet to quickly utilize and absorb all the necessary nutrients. Can help suppress muscle spasms, reduce seizures, pain and convulsions.

Pet Hemp Oil Tincture-300mg- Purity-Petibles

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Non GMO full spectrum tincture. Colorado grown. Lab tested to insure quality. Pet friendly flavors.

High Dose-Full Spectrum Hemp Oil-Syringe-1000mg – Purity-Petibles

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Highly concentrated Hemp Oil Formulated for your furry friends. 1000mg of pure CBD in each syringe.

Hemp Oil-Full Spectrum-300mg Capsules – Purity-Petibles

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Non GMO full spectrum hemp oil. Colorado sourced hemp using strict organic farming practices. State of the art extraction. Lab tested. Pet-friendly flavors.